1º What is the URL?

2º Who is this site aimed at?
This site is destined to the lovers of the music in general; but I think that this advertising is particulary destined for the young people because, generally, the use the high technology without problems and ipod is a product of high technology.

3º What can they do there?
The visitor can find any kind of apple product, specially the visitor of the site can find ipod of ddifferent colours and different sizes. The site offers programas in order that the people could listen to music..

4º What type of content does it contain?
The site content the different offers of apple products. The consumer can choose different kind of accesories for his ipod and he buy them without problems. We find ipod, iphone, earphones for ipod…

5º Did you find anything surprising/especially interesting?
The site has easy managing for your visitors and the offer is very wide, the consumer can choose a lot of apple products, specially, the consumer can pesonalize his ipod and he can change his ipod colours!! But the surprise it's that you can records a message to laser in any new ipod; for example: "happy birthday" and you can do a very good present!

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