2 The website adress its a website that offers to the costumers different tipes of products and attempts to persuade them to buy them, showing them photos and descriptions of products and making certain that the products will stay in their houses the soon as posible.

3 The costumers in can search the product that they want to buy and compare prices between the different possibilities.Also, you can sell your products and the other ones can buy it.It is a fast exchange of goods and money.

4 This website contains every kind of products, the categories are art, baby, books, business office and industrial, clothes, shoes, accessories, coins, collectables, computing, consumer electronics, music, photography, pottery, porcelain and glass….etc…

5 Ebay is a website where you can buy or sell anything you want. What most calls my attention is that at the bottom of the website it says that it is the major market on trading, advertisement and auction in Spain. Buy or sell anything I want in one specific website, not having to go into different ones for each specific thing I need. It is divided in 4 blocks: the classic one, where you can buy or sell anything you want all around the world. Another one for ads, another for cars and the 4th one for apartments. It really calls my attention what is says in this 4th one, the one for apartments, because it says that you can buy, rent or share. Share? This is the weird thing, how can I go into a website, looking for an apartment and also looking for a flatmate? I would never do that, but if it’s here, it means that people may have used it.

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