First of all, I want to say that (as I said in my other homework) most of the Internet users belong to a social community and this has advantages and disadvantages. As we have read in the article, not all the companies have been worried enough about the magnitude of this new webpages.

The article 'Companies and social networks' reflects the problems that this webs could create to a company and specially to the image of the company. Concretly we are talking about British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. It seems that some of their employees have been complaining on this social networks about some clients and some persons have felt offended about the commentaries that the employees have posted on the internet.

Another point to emphasize is that Virgin has been considering that some of their clients could annoy their workers. So they have opened an internal way for their workers to share the experiencies and gossip about the behavior of some persons during the flight. Also British Airways has an internal policy that forbids posts about the firm without authorisation.

Lastly just take down that some companies as Virgin or British Airways, in my humble opinion, should create a new internal code of behaviour to warn their employees that they could be fired as Virgin did on Octuber because they tarnish the image of the company.

Mark = 5

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