Hello, I have chosen to my paper the web page

I chose facebook because I certainly believe that web pages as facebook (also called social communities) are more important than older people could ever thought. Facebook allows you to keep in touch with friends far away from home and completely free. You can chat with them, send private messages or write something funny on their walls just in a few seconds. You can also update pictures and tag friends in the pictures with just one click. These activities are just the common ones, facebook also allows you to join some games on the internet, join a group of fans of Rafael Nadal or send virtual hugs and kisses to friends.

I have been using my computer since I was a kid, and I realise now that other ways of interaction, famous just a few years ago like Yahoo Chat or Windows Live Messenger are being beaten by Facebook. I base my opinion in the historical theory that humans need to feel in contact with other humans. I mean, when you use Facebook and you log in, if you have a few messages of your friends you will reply this messages and probably create new ones, your friends will do the same when they log in and thousands of messages will be createn. Applying these to many countries and millions of persons, you have one of the biggest webpages in the world (almost in number of users per day).

Another good point of Facebook is that the web page is aimed to everyone. It is true that probably young people tend to use this type of interaction more than older persons but, nowadays, most of the families have a personal computer in their homes and every member of the family know how to use it.

Avertising in Facebook appears surrounding the text you are reading and they don't disturb you to much while you are reading. They don't usually show messages in bothering colours and pop'ups (small advertising that appears whithout your permission when you are trying to enter in a new web) are forbidden in this web page.

Flicking trough these advertises, as I can see, are destinated to young people with free time to use on the internet. Most of the advertising send you to another web page where is shown a complete information of the small advertising box that you have clicked before. They contain virtual games, offers of jobs or cheap trips to travel around Europe.

At the end, just comment that I think it is uncommon and original that you have the option with just one click to give your opinion about an especific advertise and click an arrow to see another advertise.

Hoping that you have enjoyed it,

Thank you,

Jaime Fernandez-Cuervo Infiesta

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