The site which I'm referring at is part of the Spanish group “El Corte Ingles”, whose URL is This web is specialised on offering a vast variety of possibilities regarding to holidays in your national country and abroad.

You can see obviously that this is a holiday planning web site due to all those icons and images that appear on screen such as planes, paradisical beaches and so. Generally this service is aimed at everyone, adults and no so adults, but with different promotions regarding to each sector of the society. This is, by introducing where you're planning to spend your days, this site leads you to many options in reference to the hotel or the flight, so you can choose the option that best fits to your budget or what you're planning to do.

What's really shocking about this site is that they barely can offer you whatever you're looking for, with just one click you can manage to prepare a cruise, hire a car or even making an escape to Disney! But, even more, in the main page with just one glance many offers appear on screen, not only the typical texts with the 55% discount on trips to "Portaventura" (which you can also see at the bottom of the page), but with a slide show window with images and information about many more chances of getting a got price for your holidays.

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