The airlines begin to have a problem with social networks like Facebook or My Space:

The airlines not only benefit by positive form of these networks positively thanks to the commercial, but also they are suffering a damage to your image with certain comments of his employees that they brand adversely the passengers or speak badly for the airplanes (British Airways and Virgin Atlantic).

For it the companies determined educating to his employees on the use of internet, in order that they not attack the passengers, neither create a bad image, in addition to express their problems for other means. Also employees are supposed to be careful with his comments in order that they not wound the customers neither they create rumors like than an airplane this infected of cockroaches.
The companies of public relations hold that the employee’s opinions are amplified in these social networks, by it we have to have a great deal one has to look out for what the employees tell themselves right now than comments can spread out around the world without difficulty thanks to the Internet.

Finally, in order to try to avoid this problem, the managers can observe his employee’s comments in these social networks, to try to prevent bad comments and that way keeping watch that the company image not gets damaged.

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