This text talks about what are the actions, tasks … The text also speaks of investors. Investors receive their share of dividends when the company has revenue. Also, shareholders are entitled to vote at the General Assembly (AGM), but there are non-voting shares. Shareholders may participate in the assets of the company. assets are all the products and the company has to build. it is important to know that the actions represent a percent of company assets.
Dividends are the portion of the profits given to shareholders. The cover, we can say that the percentage of dividends from the total profits. The dividend is the profit of the company, but the company does not always pay dividends to its shareholders, it is saved for a future crisis and to finance internal growth of the company.
Finally we talk about the returns that are very important. Is usually expressed as the percentage of the share price. That changes according to the country and sometimes it is better to invest in local bonds and are therefore lower than the interest. The return of the shares is a reflection of the power of the company to pay dividends and to grow in the market.

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