In this page we can find a text about shares and how shares are used in a company.
At first the text talks about assets (are all the goods and build that a company has). Assets are cash in hand, buildings…. Shares represent all the companies’ goods. The group of all shares is the issued share capital of the company. Also we can find other types of shares, for example the non-vote shares, which represent a high percentage of dividends, but people, who buy this kind of shares cannot vote in AGM. The problem is that this type is unpopular because investors cannot take part in the company.
We have to different between dividends, remainder al the cover. Dividends are the part of profits which owns shareholders but depends how many shares the shareholder have. The part that companies keeps in the remainder. The cover is the percentage of dividends in the total profits.
We can also include here the P/E ratio which is the value of divide the whole profits between the shares.
Finally we are going to talk about the yield. The yield is normally expressed by a percent of general prices. Yield changes depend the country and sometimes are better invest in local bonds or something with an upper percent of yield.


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