This text talks about the shares in a company, what are they and how do they work.

A share is a part of a company, a part of assets and property, and also shares include a vote in the companies decisions in proportion to part of the company it represents. The assets in a company are cash-in-hand, property and the stocks.

Every share have a nominal value, that is the value of the share when it was created. Then the value can be better or not, it depends on the company success. Apart from these shares, there are another called A-share that have a little difference. These lasts don’t give to the shareholder the opportunity to vote in the companies decisions.

The dividends is the part of the profits that the company gives to the shareholders, and if the company don’t have profits there are not dividends. The company earnings are divide by the number of share and we get the earnings per share, but not all the earnings are paid as dividends.

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