On this website you can find books related to shares, dividends, trading, stocks, bonds, etc…. There are summaries on small parts of books to find more easily what you are looking for.
Also, in our case we will talk about an extract which comes from a book called "Investing in stocks and shares", written by the doctor John White. The text consists of 6 parts: "a share"," assets", "nominal share value", "dividend and its cover", "P/E ratio", and "yield". Those concepts are the most important measures to know the company's performance and to show us as much as possible from the book.

Firstly, have a share in a company entitles you to attend the annual reunion of the company to exercise your right to vote or not to approve the budgets of the company and if you agree or not with the balance sheet of the same.
The second part defines the term asset as assets and rights on the real and personal property that is. Financial terms with what is called the set of economic resources with which a person, partnership, corporation, entity, or any economic organization. The formula of the asset is: Assets = Liabilities + Stockholders' Equity
The third part speaks of the issued shares that represent the whole capital of the company, as almost all the shares in nominal value as a value is given, in this case 25p, the holder of the share moment of the broadcast
There is another kind of shares that are called "A" which are characterized by the holder may not exercise the right to vote to ensure the continued control of the company from the founding family
In the fourth part talks about the share of dividends and the cover defines the first as the owner receives from its profits, and only will pay if the company makes profits .
However, shareholders may waive part of others to develop new investment projects of the company. The cover dividend is the number of times the company could have paid dividends to its benefits
In this part defines the company's profits as the revenue it has. Earnings per share is when the profits are divided between the number of shares existentes. But dividends are not always shared and it is expected that profits and dividends are rising each year.
In the last paragraph talks about the performance that is defined as the net percentage of the current share price if after-tax income. Annual returns in each country tend to be mostly lower than the interest that could be obtained more safely.

To conclude with I think that this website, that give us the oportunitty to take little fragments of books, makes even more interested in the book.

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