This website talks about some important parts of a company. The website starts with the shares of the companies that gives the investor the right to vote in the annual general meeting and to be part of the company, but there are some shares that don´t have those rights because what the company wants is that these investors can have dividends but they cannot take decisions because they want to conserve the traditional family to control almost everything. They also refer to the assets of the company that is composed by the cash, the lands, the buildings minus their liabilities.
Furthermore the nominal share value represent the asset value of the company and if you plus all the nominal share value you get the share capital. A dividend is part of the profit of the company that will be given to the investors and they will receiveas many dividends as the number of shares they have, and also the company can decide not to give all the profit as dividends and retain it for lean years.
Connected to the shares the website talks about a measure that is known as “eps” or earnings per share that you can get it if the profit is divided by the number of shares that the company have. And the ratio P/E measures how many year will be needed to pay the hole share.
The last thing that the author describes for the visitors is the yield that is a way to know how the company is performing and it is expressed in a net percentage of the current share price. Usually interest is higher than yield and the first one used to be safier than the other.

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