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Firstly, 'How to Books' is a website where users can find a collection of over 250 books. It is specifically selected for those wishing to expand their ideas and gain knowledge and a greater potential, because most of the books are self-help. Therefore, this site is specially aimed at those who try to somehow excel in life.

'Investing in Stocks and Shares' is a step-by-step guide to making money on the stock market. It was written by John White, and it has been dedicated to his father, Donald White, who bravely introduced the author to trading in shares through his own stock broker and also taught me about investment trusts.

Secondly, the stock and share investment resources here will provide a source of information for you to learn and understand about the different stock investment methods and how to succeed in the stock market.

Thus this book helps us to understand several concepts. We could understand assets as divided into two parts: the property, cash in hand, raw material and the work to be realized (minus its liabilities). The nominal share value, that represents the assets value of the company and the sum of all shares. Also, this book analyzes the concept of dividends. The dividends are the profits paid to the investors. A part of dividends are distributed among its shareholders and the other part is used to finance the company. We also find the P/E Ratio, that is calculated dividing earnings by the number of shares in existence. The earnings are paid as dividend and are needs to repay the share price out of dividend. The Financial Time said that the Great Universal P/E = 13.7. And finally, the yield is a net percentage of the share price. The yield is lower in each country that the interest in local bonds, that is because the bonds are safer.

About shares, White explains why to buy shares, the benefits once you have bought them, what is a share and its history, the stock market indices, factors affecting the share’s price, dealing in shares, the broker, the stock market strategies and the stock market investment strategies, among between. About others concepts, reading this book we should know what is a bond and, i.e. how to buy and sell it.

And, in conclusion, what I have found more interesting is that there is a lot of money to be made from stocks and shares. You can earn money in two ways by investing in stocks and shares. One is trading and the other is investing. Therefore, John White's book should be read by those who want to know about the different stock investment methods and how to succeed in the stock market.

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