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On this website you can find books on stocks, bonds and trade more. We will talk about a book called "investing in stocks and shares” who is the author John White. This text is divided into six parts: “a share”, “assets”, “nominal share value”, “divided and it’s cover”, “P/E ratio” and “yield”. Concepts that will be used on how the company and we will show as much as possible about any book. This book is divided into several parts, first said that anyone who has a stake in a company may vote on budgets and what a vote at the company. The second part defines the properties and assets such as property rights in real and personal, financial terms are with those who called to set off into partnership, corporation, entity or other organization. The third part is about the issued shares representing the entire capital of the company and the fourth part of the book that I find on the dividend proposal and the relationship between owners and benefits. The company will issue only if salaries profit. The gain is the profit that the company has and will be divided between the number of existing shares. Of them expressed that the benefits increase. And finally in the last paragraph talks about the net percentage of the current share price after taxes. And finally in my opinion I think this website gives an opportunity for people to learn more about a book by reading excerpts of these books on this website will be a way to get books that you needed truth and not buy needlessly because you know that deal.

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