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This text is included in the part of bussines and speak about the meaning of some economic terms related to stocks and shares. This terms are economic examples included in a book named "Investing in Stocks And Shares" written by the Doctor John White, that help us to understand the economic structure of the company and its operations.

To inchoate the text beggins explaining what shares are, the most important efect they have is that gives the right to the owners to vote in the Annual Meeting, that its proportional to the size of the money that they have invested in the company .
The second part are the assets, they are the opossite of the liabilities and they comprise the cash-in-hand, property, raw materials, and work in hand; they are the way of understanding who the finantial situation of a company is; ultimately they are all the goods(tangibles or not) that the company has.

To continue another term related to shares and stocks is the nominal share value, that it is also related to the assets, because they are the part of the asset value of the company, in other way, it is the price of a share.

The owners of the shares are named shareholders and they receive money.The money that they receive its part of the profits; they are the dividends. And the cover is the numer of times that the company could pay the net dividend, because normally it is paid to the owners only a part of the profits. This profits are divided by the number of stocks and shares and we obtain the "earning per share".The price to earnings ratio measures how many years of earnings have to go to pay the share price.

To conclude Doctor John White talks about the yield(expressed as a net percentage per annum) of the current share price or outlay.

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