Ram Charan 2121

Ram Charan´s biography:
Ram Charan, a very important business advisor, is a teacher and a writer where he shares all his thoughts. Ram has been working for thirty five years with the top executives in many famous companies.

Ram started working in a shop with his family, which was situated in India. Later, he finished his studies of engineering. After working in a few places he got doctorate degrees in Harvard. His doctorate let hit became very famous. He was involved in drawing up and teaching some education programs. Meanwhile, he wrote many books and articles

Summary of Ram Charan´s book: “Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty:
While he was visiting Japan and the first order that the executives gave was to conserve the cash in order to prevent a financial contagion, the economic crisis took place. The economic crisis was realised by Holliday the CEO of DuPont, industry company.

After arriving to the United States Holliday he had a meeting with the top executives in order to know what was going on. The answer to the questions was catastrophic and the predictions to the industry company were very bad at home and abroad.

One of the first consequences that impact in the company DuPont is that all the activities that were taking place in Wilmington stop and moreover the sales decrease surprisingly. All these things require a several reaction of the executives of DuPont and they start a stragety to try to control the disaster. The stragety of the executives of conserving the cash was very useful and also they try to reduce the costs.

Holliday didn´t react with fear and didn´t collapsed instead Chad react with positive energy trying to tell people that they have to do their best in the worst situation

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