Nowadays companies use different ways to promote their products in order to impact in consumers so they buy them and to be known by potential clients. Promotion is also aimed to increase the companies benefits. There are some promotional tools used often by companies like advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

Advertising is a tool used by companies to inform the consumers about their new products or the modification of others in order to persuade them to buy it.
There are so many different ways of advertising, like television, radio, magazines, newspapers, flyers, internet, etc. The advantage is you show consumers the special features of the product but, in the other hand, it has an elevated cost for the company.

Public relations, also known as PR, consist in publicity, not the same as advertising. The difference between publicity and advertising is that the first is aimed to improve or mantain companie's prestige. Publicity has lower cost than advertising but the second has more impact in consumers.

Sales promotion is used to increase sales in a short period of time. An example are the offers, discounts and free samples. The advantage is that consumers are attracted to buy the companie's product because of the low prices or discounts but the company is loosing a part of the price that must be covered by the own company.

Finally, personal selling is a very important tool to promote a determinated product. It is based in the communication between the company and the consumer, the first represented by an specialist dedicated to this product. The advantage of personal selling is that the consumer is more impressed by the direct treat with a companie's employee, but a disadvantage is that is a very expensive promotional tool.

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