As we know, plenty brands have plummered because they didn't follow an appropriate promotion strategy. Nowadays, there are a large number of these to do it to persuade potential consumers to sell more products in a shorter period.

First of all, we can say the most important way to develop brand awareness is advertising. It is for me a very important aspect for companies to spend money on catching advertisements for people because they can control the content they're giving and also because what you're showing is exactly what you want to show and what you want people to see. It's the classic way to show the best image of your product to try to convince the consumer to buy it. Moreover, you the companie knows where the add is going to be placed, so they can have an idea what kind of public is going to see it. As a disadvantage, we must say that it isn't as influential and objective as publicity.

Followed by advertising comes the personal selling. We can appreciate that you can more easily persuade the customer because you're closer to him, he doesn't even have to go to the shop to look for it or to know how it works: he will be able to do it at home thanks to this strategy but in front of that it is way to expensive to pay one by one all the sellers which are going to do the work and see if they're the most appropriate people to do it.

Finally, the easier way to develop brand awareness can be sales promotions. By doing that, the company is stimulating the demand of the product and making it easier access for non very wealthy people. It can also stimulate the consumer's loyalty. Contrary to this, the sellings will have to increase a lot to catch up all the money the company loses because of selling the product in a lower price than it will normally be.

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