Nowadays having a good product is no guarantee that it will succeed in the marketplace, companies must communicate their products to consumers to buy these and not another.
The promotional tools they can use are: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

Advertising is a set of techniques and activities that companies use to inform the public about their products and persuade them to buy it.
The objectives of the advertising campaign are: to increase sales, that consumers change their behaviours regarding the product and to know product’s qualities.

Through the public relations, firms try to establish a good relationship with customers and project a good image of the company outside it. The tool that is most used is the sponsorship, companies sponsoring those events that fit their image.

The differences between advertising and publicity are that publicity is not paid and that publicity can have a major impact on the public that advertising can not reach.

Sales promotion consists in diverse types of actions made to increase sales in the short term. It may be directed to consumers or distributors, some examples are: the gift of other complementary products, participate in sweepstakes, repayments of money if the customer is not satisfied and so on and in the case of distributors or retailers: discounts for prompt payment. I think the disadvantages are that consumers can believe that those products are not so good due to discounts, special offers etc.

To finish we have to talk about personal selling; it consists of all people engaged in selling a straightforward manner. They make a daily communication with customers. And this is very important because it is the medium through which the company receives more information; however it has the inconvenience that is the most expensive promotional tool.

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