What different ways companies use to promote their products or brands?

Normally, companies can offer products to customer in the form of goods or services. Customers can know products or brands different ways because the companies have many tools to promote its product. The products are manufactured to be sold and the companies use the best tactics to sell its products.

I think that the most important tools to promote a product are:

In the first place the advertising. This way to promote a product is very important in my opinion. Advertising may appear on TV, radio or newspaper. This way to promote products is very efficient because the people know these product or brand without problems thanks to the advertising. Some advertising are very expensive for example TV advertising or some sports sponsorship and few companies can have this advertising.

Another way to promote product are the public relations. This promotion is personal and direct with the customer; the image should be good because this image is the reflection of the product that the company want to sell.

Personal selling is a way to promote products very known for the customers. This promotional tool is direct to the costumer. This way of promoting a product give us clear information about goods or services offered by the company and helps customer with technical problems in products. The disadvantage is that this form to promote products is very expensive and normally only used sparingly, for example as a complement to advertising.

The last way of promotion that we can find is the “sales promotion”. Any examples of sales promotion are prices reductions, free samples or coupons. This tactic is temporary and stimulates the sales of the product but this promotional tool is very expensive for the company.


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