What different ways can companies use to promote their products or brands?

Nowadays knowing how to sell your product is as important as having a good product. This concept is clearly reflected in the statement of “you make what you can sell rather than sell what you make”. There is where many different strategies used by companies come into action. They are basically four: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.
Firstly, advertising is a common way of persuading customers by using different techniques. Companies usually use advertising companies which ends up being an expensive cost. When talking about advertising we have to mention the enormous competition that companies have to face in order to differentiate their product from the rest in the market.
Secondly, public relations which is basically the image of the company. Publicity is used in this field as a way of attracting attention. It is important to differentiate it from what we have talked just above. It has been proved that people tend to trust what appears in publicity rather than in an advert.
Thirdly, sales promotion, such as price reductions or free samples, which are used in order to stimulate sales. They usually appear when products are about to start their decline stage. Sales promotion can be aimed at distributors, dialers or even the sales force.
Finally, the last way of promoting is personal selling. Although, sales representatives are very expensive they are a really good way of allowing people to communicate with the company as they offer customers the assistance they need.
To conclude, the basic idea is that even if your product should apparntly satisfy the needs of customers, without good promotional techniques, your product will disappear before you notice.

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