Nowadays, no company can survive without promotion. It is an essential need to success. Apart from price, customers pay attention to more other things, this is because they want the products to be accesible to them and the perfect way is using any kind of promotional tools.

The most famous and used are: Public Relations, sales promotion, personal selling and advertising; but there are many others.

-With Public Relations I am making reference to the maintainance, protection and improvemente of the image of a brand or a product by mentioning it to the public. The main difference between this and the rest of promotional tools is that it does not require direct payment. Examples are conferences, speaking with the press and the employees communication.

-Sales promotion means any trick with the products to stimulate the customers to buy them, like price reductions or free samples. In this way we succeed in attracting price-conscious brandswitchers. But you can also use the sales promotion to encourage distributors, dealers and retailers to buy more quantity or to buy off-season products.

-Personal selling is one of the most expensive forms of promotion because it entails oral communication with the potential buyers of a product. The employee take charge of spreading the information about the products to the potential customers and assist them with any doubt or problem.

-The advertising consists in informing the potential buyers about the features of the product or service in order to convince them to buy it. There are a lot of ways of advertising but the most popular are on TV, newspapers, radio, flyers, mail and email, street posters, etc.

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