Companies use promotion tools to raise their sales. There are different ways to promote. Most common are: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. Companies have to take the decision about which kind of promotion could be the best to the company. The CEO's of the companies should take the best way of promotion according to the company sale strategy.

Advertising is a well known type of promotion. It could help the company because the company could aim a segment of the population that could be potential customers. This is very useful because they can establish some objectives and try to achieve them. There are different kinds of advertisements and it depends on the objective. Some of them are created to increase consumption of those products and others could help to improve the brand image, but without any doubts, the most efficient advertising is the ''word-of-mouth'' advertising, because customers really trust on it. On the other hand, advertising could be really expensive to some companies because they need to develop an advertising department or hire the services of an advertising company.

Public relations or PR is a way of promotion that allows the company to go deeply to the potential customer. PR tries to attract the customers to the products of the company and helps to improve the brand image.

Sales promotion use to be incentives that stimulate the demand of a product in a short period of time. Consist on attract the customer using special offers, sales or free samples. In such way company could make the difference between his product and the competitor's products.

Personal selling is probably the most expensive way of promotion. It is based on an employee of the company who deals with the clients and gives them personal information about the company's product.

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