A company can use different ways to promote their products, there are four ways: advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling.

Advertising allows the company to inform about the product and its characteristics, it can be in different media depending on the people you want to inform. Advertising tries to persuade people to buy the product.

Public relations try to protect and improve a brand or a company; but it doesn’t try to sell you an specific product. Companies use publicity as a type of advertising that is cheaper and it is not aimed only to a product.

Sales promotion is a way to increase your sales, giving free samples or price reductions to customers. This tactic is very effective to the people, because everyone wants a free sample and everyone wants the lowest price or a reduced price.

Personal selling consists in sell your products using a person to inform the customer about all they want to know. This kind of promotion is the best for the client, who is perfectly informed about what is buying.

Depending on which is the product to promote you should choose one or the other way. Personal selling is the best for your clients’ information, but it is also the most expensive. Publicity is good and cheap but you only promote a brand in general, not a product. Sales promotion is cheap but you influence on a limited public, only the people that is in the supermarket where you are giving free samples, for example. Finally, advertising is the most used, because even it is not very cheap, it is effective and it has a huge variety (TV, radio, newspapers, etc.)

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