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In all companies is very important area of marketing because the aim is to meet the needs and desires of the target customers to which we designed this new product. In the biggest brands focus all their attention on the 4 P´s of marketing; product, price, place and promotion, to launch their new product. Therefore we will highlight some of the techniques used to make a product succeed in the market and study their advantages and disadvantages.

Advertising is one of the most common tactics inside public relations. Media such as radio, TV, newspaper, magazine, Internet… though are very expensive, they are what have most impact on our public, but nowadays people believe more in what they read than in advertising.

Sales promotion is a technique that is proven to be safe in their effectiveness to attract customers. The most common ones are price reductions, free samples, promotion coupons…
This strategies are used to attrack brand switchers, ensured loyal-brand customers and to gain entry to the new market. Some disadvantages are they used of products in decline stage whichs are being replaced by another new, and and may not reach the desired audience.

The most strange tactic is the personal selling. It is very expensive but is often used because there was media like television, internet … which is cheaper and comes easily to most of the public.

Previously it was very used but due to its high price and the appearance of cheap media, ceased to be used frequently.

To conclude with, this strategies helps to preserve the good image of the brand and make them be leaders in their market-segments. In my opinion all these tactics are already used and the most biggest brands should introduce some new techniques to attract new buyers to the competition.

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