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Companies not only have to develop or create good products or services giving them
attractive prices, because nowadays one of the most important things that has to do a company is give their product or service a good promotion. The promotion is used to inform but also can carry a lot of more things. This is the main reason that explains why there are different types of promotional tools.
The traditional classification that is used in promotion or marketing points out four standard promotional tools: advertising, sales promotion, public relations and selling.
The first one advertising consist in informing the customers about how fantastic is your product or service in order to persuade customers to buy it. Companies used to have a department of advertising or they can contract advertisement agency. However the biggest problems of this tool are the competitors and the costs and that the company can´t do it excessively because this can irritate.
On the other hand we have the public relations (PR) that protects and improve the image of the company using sometimes the publicity that can be put on TV or the newspapers and has a lot of impact on people´s awareness but it can be an enormous cost.
In the third place we have sales promotion a tool that is designed to stimulate either earlier or stronger sales of the product using free samples, price reductions, etc. Furthermore is used to attract price -concious or brand- switchers however customers can sometimes think that the quality of this products are not very good.
The last tool but not the less important is personal selling that can explain customers the many functions of the product or service. Moreover this tool is extremely important because salespeople will be the image that costumers have of the company.

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