Differents ways to promote the products or brand

Companies have to promote their products to sell them. There are many ways to do it, like advertising, publicity, sale promotions, etc.
The marketing is essential to expand a brand. The marketing concept, assumes that the producer’s task is to find wants and fill them. When there’s something new, the company has to think about the marketing mix. The marketing mix is formed by the “Four PS”: product, price, place and promotion.
They can advertise their products and brand. The best form of advertising is probably word of mouth advertising. This form occurs when people tell their friend about the product they bough. Many companies hire advertising agencies because they are specialists in advertising, but it’s more expensive than other types. This agencies have to decide what percentage of the target market they want to reach and the number of times they are likely to see them. Often, large companies usually have an advertising department which write their own advertisements.
There are four major promotional tools: advertising, public relations, sales promotions and personal selling. When the company make a new product, first is that people will know. The producer informs about the product’s features, its advantages and so on. The public relations is concerned with maintaining or protecting the image of a brand or product. People believe more the publicity than the advertising. The sales promotions are easier to introduce a new product in the market. It means, for example, that one product is a gift when you buy another product. Personal selling is the most expensive way of promote but talk directly with the customers and they can ask about the product that they attempting to sell.

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