Today, the true of marketing is you can´t sell something if you don´t make it known. The basic ways to promote are advertising, public relations, sales promotion and personal selling. The marketers have to decide which of all of this ways are right for his promotional strategy.

The first one is Advertising. The advertising are using for the companies to inform consumers about the existence and benefits of products. The best form is “mouth-of-mouth”, because it´s have costs and it allows the consumers known better the product, because he heard this from a friend. Another form of making advertising are using the media, like television, billboard, magazine or classified. The advertising are in some case expensive, but in major of cases are effective.

Public Relations (PR) are tied with maintaining, improving or protecting the image of the company or a product. His most important element is the publicity, understanding by all the stories or news heard in the society. It has an important impact on public awareness for good or for evil.

The Sales Promotion is like free samples, coupons, price reductions or competitors. the sales promotion use tactics that in most cases are more effective in a short term than in a long term. For example, we can use free samples, but only are effective if the people don’t know the product, in introduction stage.

In the last position, is Personal Selling that is a complement of advertising. It is doing by a person who work or not in the company. That person spread the information about a product or a brand, and assists customers in some technical problem. An example of this is the salespeople. It is the most expensive tool, but maybe the most effective, because there is direct relation with the client.

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