Companies have various ways to promote. The ways of promoting themselves are also known as the promotional mix which includes: advertising, publicity, sales promotion and personal selling. And depending on the budget that the company has, it will choose one or another.

Advertising is any paid form of non-personal communications of ideas or products in the prime media, and it intends to persuade and to inform the customers about the products a company is selling. Advantages that advertising has are the following: it can state objectives; reach a lot of people and it can be aimed to a specific group. Disadvantages that it has: an agency is needed and it can be very costly.

Publicity is the communication of a product in the media without paying for the time or media space directly; also known as public relations (PR). Publicity can have a huge impact on public awareness that could not be achieved by advertising or at least without an enormous cost. Therefore some advantages are: that it’s cheaper, and people believe it more than advertising. Disadvantages that it has: they can’t control to who it goes or the content.

Sales promotion provides incentives to customers and therefore stimulates their demand. Some advantages that this technique has are that the customers can have free samples, coupons, and price reductions which makes the customers buy the product. This can also be aimed at distributors, dealers and retailers. Disadvantages that it has: it can be very costly for the company.

Personal selling is an oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making a sale. Advantages that is has: you can get a good idea of the product and speak with the buyer. Disadvantages that it has: it is the most expensive promotional tool.

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