What different ways can companies use to promote their products or brands? What are the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of each?:

There are many ways for companies to promote their products and brands and also advantages and disadvantages.

To promote products you can do it in 4 different ways; publicity, advertising, personal selling and self promotion.

Publicity is an objective way of promotion and influence more than advertising. The content given is uncontrolled and is a way of promoting the product by placing the information in the media without paying for the time or media space directly. High colors and random sentences helps the brand be remembered.

Advertising is another way to promote your product but the big disadvantage is that you have to pay for it. It is intended to inform and persuade customers and you choose who is going to be the target which it is going to be aimed at. Another disadvantage is that this kind of promotion is impersonal so if the customer needs to have more information or whatever this will never happen unless the customer contact the brand because the brand will never contact with you and then the customer may not take the final purchase decision. This is an expensive way of promotion because of the competition.

The third way of promotion is personal selling. As I said before, when you need more information about a product, you want to know how it works or anything about the product it is useful if you have someone attending, advising, etc…you, and so on you will decide better and get the right decision without worry because you know that an expert has given you the right recommendation. Then, I will define it as an oral communication intended to potential buyers of a product with the only purpose of selling the product and give good information.

To finish with the fourth way of promotion, there is sales promotion.
Sales promotion is used to stimulate the demand of a product, attract people, also it is used to reduce stock .The disadvantage of this way is that if you have to use it many times the image of the product, company, and brand will become worse. But anyway in times of crisis it is a good way of increasing incomes quickly using good techniques such as: discounts, bigger packs, 2 for 1 etc… your product gets sold instead of another brand because you have caught the consumers attention and preferences of price or whatever made the customer take the decision.

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