Basically the ways of promote products or brands are the four p´s of promotion (promotional mix) that we are going to explain one by one now.

First of all we found personal selling which is for me, the best way, in quality terms because people can answer every question they could have about the product to the seller. I said that is the best one because is much easy to persuade the customer if you are in his house, than in a poster that probably they will not repair on it. But this way has a very important problem and is that is the most expensive way so not every company can promote their products or brands by this way and it´s also heavy for the company to recruit the sellers because not everyone can be a seller.

The second one is advertising that is one of the most extended ways of promotion because the company can show exactly what they want to show and in the way they want, ultimately whatever they want and however they want. They has also a wide repertory of possibilities (TV, radio, newspapers, etc) And the disadvantage of this method is the big grade of competition that advertising has.

Sales promotion is also a very good way of promote a product. There are, as in advertising, lots of ways, and people take this method in a very good way. But it has lots of additional costs, because you have to decrease the company stock and that means waste money. Examples of this method are 2x1, coupons, etc.

Finally, public relations (PR) is the cheaper way for the company, but could not be objective and the most common part of it is publicity, that people believe more than advertising. The PR´s have to be attractive for the customers and has to enter throw the eye of the people to make them loyal customers.

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