It is true that pages like Facebook or MySpace are many times very useful to promotion a company, but other times they are useful for other kind of “publicity” that aren´t so beneficial to the companies. This is the case of companies like British Airways or Virgen. Talking about the case of the first company, some of the members of their crew criticized through this kind of pages (that are a type of public-relation online) the security rules of the company and some of the passengers. Other case is of British Airways company, they started to investigate the actitude of their employees, whose ways were criticized by the passengers. Therefore we have to asked if the crew is well-educated and if the answer is a negative one we have to ask about the possible solutions. Some companies are taking solutions like ban their employees to publish information without authorization, other have different channels for members to explain their nonconformities… but in both cases there is insufficient. So, we can see like information in this kind of pages aggravated the opinion of the people and do that a lot of people affect their opinion of the company…So the companies have to do a great effort to try to avoid this “online problems” because the consequences can be terrible.

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