Is a reality that social networks have expanded greatly during recent years. Websites like Facebook or Myspace hold all kinds of information in their forums, which can be considered a great way of advertising. Althought, networks can also become an enemy for companies from different sectors. This is the case of airlines British Airways and Virgin. Inaproppiate use of social networks by some part of the crew (who wrote unauthorized information from the company and offensive comments about passengers) has caused a big impact on their companies (British Airways and Virgin) as well as in "economic world".

The first result was the dismissal of the crew involved and a question still involved: have the two firms done enough to educate staff about the appropiate use of internet? Some experts have tried to give an explanation of the event. They believe that employers commented in social networks (as Facebook or Myspace) because their views have a bigger impact. Therefore, employers don´t vent their frustations through the internal channels that the companies give to them.

That´s why expert warn that it is often necessary to monitor the content on the social networks to prevent this type of information to reach customers.

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