"A tale of two airlines and their facebook fiasco" published in The economist on the 6th of November is about the unpredictable consequences of social network publicity. Actually this kind of media can have bad consequences for the brand's image. That's what happenned to two airlines companies, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. The problem appeared on a Facebook forum where part of the cabin crew of the companies posted degrading comments about passengers and safety standards. Those comments are nothing less than a public relations disaster for the firms. Those events show that companies have to work on her staff education about the use of internet. In the case in point, both companies had already tried to be preventive on that topic with their staff, but obviously it wasn't enough. According to PR people working in PR firms, it is important to reiterate online guidelines frequently and to monitor online activity to be sure that the rules are respected. Also, firms have to be attentive and look for gossips points of exchange. In that way they will know the problems early enough to act and prevent before having to cure.

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