David Simons's article "A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiasco" show us the power of any social networks and the consequences that this networks can manage to have for yours visitors for a not moderate use.

Virgin and British Airways are two very important airlines affected by the phenomenom facebook. Facebook is one of the most important network of the world. But Facebook isn't the only example; in Spain we have the phenomenom Tuenti. Tuenti is a social network and the privacy limits of tuenti are very small. For example we can see images of some users of Tuenti in the newspaper without dificulty.

Virgin and British Airways have been affected for the inadequate comentaries os some workes of this companies. In my opinion this workers have private life, but his private life must be adapted for his labour life. The companies should educated your workers in the good use of the Internet in order that the workers and the company aren't affected by te phenomenom of the social networks. I think that the workers did these comentaries ("crew members joked that some Virgin planes were infested with cockroaches …") and they didn't know the consequences of his words.

In conclusion I think that the companies have acted well. The company must look for your image, for your benefits and also the company must look for your workers.

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