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"A tale of two articles and their Facebook fiascos" was written by David Simmonds and was published the 6th of November 2008 in one of the most important economy magazines called The Economist. This short article tries to inform us about some negative consequences that can appear due to social networks.
As we read in the text, these social networks such as Facebok or Myspace can be useful tools to increase their popularity but they can also damage it, depending on what type of information is published in them. Some cabin crew of British Airways and Virgin ridiculised some passengers of their respective planes in a Facebook forum, reason why they were fired a couple of days after.
The author says that this kind of actions is a complete disaster in order to make correct enterprise publicity, even more when the cabin crew signs a contract that forbids them to talk about the firm online without permission.
As a conclusion, we can see that social networks are very important because of the globalisation, but companies must be careful about what kind of information they send and receive and it’s important for them to have some kind of instrument to control the situation.

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