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"A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiasco" published in The Economist on the 6th of November was about the unpredictable consequences of social network publicity.

The advantages of the social networks like MySpace or Facebook are great, so you can comunicate with any people you want; but it will be dangerous if people use bad these tools, because for example this kind of media can have bad consequences for the brand's image.

The problem in this article appeared on a Facebook forum where part of the cabin crew of the companies posted degrading comments about safety standards and passengers. This demonstrates that companies must train their employees on the proper use of the Internet. In this case, both companies had already tried to be preventive in this regard with his staff, but obviously, in this case, it was not enough. Public-relations (PR) recommend companies to be careful.

In conclusion, the first one is that “anything you know say online is amplified by these services”. And on the other hand, managers need to monitor online activity to ensure themselves that the rules are respected.

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