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“A tale of two Airlines and their Facebook fiascos” is an article wrote by David Simonds that was published in the famous magazine The Economist the 6th of November of 2008 and its aimed was to inform about some bad consequences that has produce social networks to companies.
The article give us two illustrative examples such as the example of British airways and Virgin that its image was damage in the social network facebook. The images of these two huge companies were damage when in this network forum the people start joking about all the incorrect things of this companies producing damaging publicity. Futhermore some comments that were publish in the forum of facebook were done by the staff of the company without any authorisation, because they cannot talk about their firm on any network.
Moreover public-relations (PR) recommend the companies to control more their employees in order to not allowing them to talk about the company, however this message maybe isn´t clear enough and has to be reinforce.
To conclude PR tells the company a tip saying they have to be carefull and also they should have some type of instrument to prevent this situation.

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