The article proposed comes from “The Economist print edition” (November 6th 2008). It talks about how social networks such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter can interfere positively or negatively on firms. In this case, how British Airways and Virgin Atlanta suffered the negative aspect of social networks.
On the one hand, Virgin saw how some people from their cabin crew and passengers complained and taunted about the company on a Facebook forum. This happened eventhough the enterprise has a system for staff to give their opinions.
On the other hand, British Airways felt also cheated because of their employees as they found that some of their staff make fun of their customers.
This situation makes us think about if people who works on a company knows the transcendence of online bad publicity. This fact is reinforced by the social character that this kind of networks have. Employees and people in general need to learn not to use this websites with that purpose as they can really damage the company, brand…they are talking about.

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