Networks 1989

Companies and social networks

Many companies have been exploring new ways of connecting to people such as social networks as a way to get to a bigger range of costumers. But these ways of marketing that appear to be a useful way of merchandising can turn against you.

An example of this is what two flight companies have experimented after getting in this new way of promoting (British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic). With their “getting to know” campaigns, they have encountered a problem related to a “posting non appropriate comments” by their staff.

Even though these companies assure they have many ways directed to not occur in these problems, such as a contract that doesn’t allow their employees posting comments on the net or having specific aid (always in the privacy of the company) directed to the people related to the enterprise to solve their personal problems in association with their work, is obvious that they are not enough.

As a matter of this, many PR firms (Public Relations firms) do not only agree that these ways of publicity have to be kept in track by the companies involved because using this type of platform gets easily to everybody, but to get into diverse forums in which people exchange their opinions in order to have a visual view of their public image. Following this, these companies would be able to solve this kind of problems before they appear so they wouldn’t get again on this bad publicity messes.

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