A tale of two airlines and their facebook fiasco ", The Economist published in the November 6, tells us about the problems of social networking and the dissemination not only in young people .also this type of media can have bad consequences for the image of the company.
Two companies such as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic to find a forum criticated companies and their services. The problem appeared on Facebook a forum in which members of the crew of the companies sent degrading comments about the passengers and safety standards. The comments are as much as they create a bad image for the company. This demonstrates that companies must train their employees on the proper use of the Internet.
Many companies have been raised many times to train their employees .in this case, both companies had already tried to be preventive in this regard with his staff, but obviously it was not enough.
In conclusion, these things will not happen companies must be more vigilant and seek points of exchange of gossip. That's why experts warn that it is often necessary to control the content of social networks to prevent this type of information to reach customers without any problems.

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