A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos

The text explains how some firms have been using social networks like Facebook or MySpace to promote themselves, but in some cases , networks can also damage the face reputation of companies if they don´t use it with liability responsibility. And that´s exactly what happened to two well-known companies, British Airways(B.A.) and Virgin Atlantic.

The thing is that some members of B.A. and Virgin Atlantic´s crew posted unpleasant coments on a Facebook chat. This comments attacked the costumers´ manners and also the bad conditions of their planes explaining that they were infested with cockroaches. The main problem is that critize the costumers is a disaster for Public Relations(PR), but in fact this problem should be an advice for all kind of companies to teach their staff about the rigth use of any advertising media mainly the internet.

In conclusion, specialist say that companies should prevent this problems establishing new security measures just to ensure that internet´s rules are obeyed, and also to notice similar problems on their own and before other medium like press reports or the costumers themselves.

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