This text, “A tale of two airlines and their Facebook fiascos”, is an article printed on The Economist the 6th November 2008. It talks about all the problems that two big companies like British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have with social networks. We talk about social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, that have a lot of advantages: they are a very important marketing tool. But also they can be a source of problems because people can damage the reputation of the company even if the comment published is not true.

In this case, people who work for these companies published information online, negative information about the customers and the companies. They say that customers are “smelly” and “annoying”, and also say that some Virgin planes were infected with cockroaches. Both of the companies don’t understand why workers have published that because in one case they signed a policy in their contracts, and in the other they have internal channels to express what they need.

The text concludes with two lessons. The first is that anything you publish online is amplified by internet; and the second one is that it is better to prevention than cure, so the companies have to ensure that the rules are respected.

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