Firms such as British Arways have found in social networks a way to reach a wider audience as they are nowadays one of the most important channels of information. Nevertheless, they have also tasted the problems that entails doing a bad use of it. At that point, it becomes a source of damaging publicity.
Virgin Atlantic and British Arways discovered that some of their employees had used Facebook as a way to post insulting comments about their passengers using words such as "smelly" or "chavs".
It then comes into question wheter it is the company's responsability to control what their crew write on social networks as it affects them directly. They have certain policies such as a channel that Virgin offers so that their crew can vent their frustations, that is obviusly not effective.
We learn two lessons from this examples: "Anything you now say online is amplified by these services" so we have to be warned. As well as this, companies must learn that they have to make sure that their rules are being followed and even enter in what Phil Gomes of Edelman calls "online watering holes”.

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