This text is an article from The Economist print edition the Nov 6th 2008. It is aimed about the problems of social networks and the spreading that they have not only in teenagers also between every different ages and employees.

First of all, it indicated the advantages of using this type of social networks as facebook and myspace as a way of making good marketing and wellknown the brands. But their find a big problem refering to the bad use of this media systems.

Two companies as British Airways (BA) and Virgin Atlantic discover some forum that criticated the companies and their services. The crew discuss about the problems of safety measures and hygiene of the food service in the plane. Anyway, they criticated the clients and jocked about their privated aspects.

The question is how to form the personal of the company and educated them to make their work without any opinion. Althought the employees sign a policy, they still making bad coments in this social Networks. So there are an important question: why the employees still discussing about limited matters?.

Every coments in this Networks is over amplified and seen by all the people in the World. However the crew post only when the passengers complained about something related with the services but actually, they gossip and change their points of view.

To end with, the sociaty have a very serious problema with this type of public forum without any kind of privacity. In my opinion, it must be more segurity and more control of the information and members sites speciality with youngers.

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