Ram Charan:

Ram Charan engineering study in India (his home country), later obtained a doctorate from Harvard University. It is one of the most famous business consultants in the world, having worked for many companies such as General Electric and others. Charan wrote some interesting books that were purchased worldwide as of The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality. " These include several best-sellers … He also wrote several articles in magazines economicas …

Summary on the book by Ram Charan: Leadership in the Age of economic uncertainty:
His talk of crisis and how it grows throughout the world and how the CEO of DuPont responds to the current economic crisis.
The problem was bigger than I thought. The crisis of confidence on Wall Street, or some evidence, as the focus of legal activity in Wilmington or problems with the lists of DuPont automotive companies, Holliday force to start taking a decision. They had a plan to use in case of disaster, but had to think whether it was good for 60,000 employers use it to declare the crisis and disrupted. Then the permanent use of the 17 teams that have always used times of crisis, to know what happened and how to ensure the viability of DuPont.

Some high-ranking businessmen said the other reason we were in crisis with a non-technical language. And explain that we should act to keep cash in the company. Trying to find the worst closing activities. But he knows that the election was more effective in reducing most of the contracts that the company had hired.
Holliday takes some time to ask the 14 companies which were doing to combat the crisis.
This book shows that Chad Holliday is a model for the business world … deal with the crisis without any kind of afraid to take decisive action and show how big it is …

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