-Ram Charan Biography-

Ram Charam was born in 1939 in Uttar Prader, India. He is famous for being a business consultant, speaker, and writer.
He has been working for years behind the most importants companies all around the world.

He started learning about business since he was young; this was because of he was working in the family shoe shop in India. First he found a job in Australia and later in Hawaii and he went on descovering the secrets of a succesfull business. Was then when his talent was discovered and he reached importants degrees such as the one from Harvard Business School.

His work was so famous because he speaks about real business world and every company wants to know his recommendations and he developed the project “growth budjet” among others.
We may stand out that Fortune speaks about him as the leading expert in corporate governance for his help to improve the groups dynamics. Most human resources come to him to learn about the best way to plan their programs.

The huge people know about him because of his education programs that gave him numerous awards such as the Bell Ringer.

Lately in this last ten years Dr. Charan knowledge have been taking form in articles and book. He sold more than 2 millions copies. Standing out “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done and Confronting Reality” among others.

Actually he is in the board of Austin Industries and Tyco Electronics and he’s living in Dallas,TX.


This text is taken from Charm’s book “leadership in the era of economic uncertainty”.
Is part of the itroduction “corporate crisis”.
It speaks about how a company, in concrete Dupon CEO.

Holliday visiting his major costumer in Japan find out that a global crisis was starting. It was because this costumer told him that he was worried about his company’s cash and he had told to the company executives to hold on all the cash possible. The matter of it was that the costumer’s company was one of the largest in the global industry.

Worried with this information, Holliday immediately contact the six top leaders of his companies to ask them how bad was the situation and how it can deteriorate.

A few days later the answer was that a crisis, that seems to be only in Wall Street, was affecting the industry and his company was suffering it at home and abroad.
Also Europe, Asia and Russia were pervading by the panic.

The problems were growing up and the company can feel it. In Dupont headquarters, usually full of legal activity, saw how the huge reservation in his hotel were cancelled because people didn’t want to incurred in legal fees.
Also in the automobiles manufactures automakers weren’t sure about how the business continue, contrary to how they use to act.

Without more time Holliday, as after the 9/11 attack and hurricanes, called up the crisis plan.
The 17 standing teams for times of crisis was together and they had to decide how to act.
The most important thing to do was to retail fees,so they decided to talk with each one of their employees and ask them how they would sace the company from the crisis.
After ten days they have a lot of solutions and ask to the workers to do all that was possible to save the company, but they gave them too much confidence so they weren’t so much worried as they had to be to work so to save the company.
Then they ask to all the most importants managers of the company to propose some solutions but the problem was that it was October and everything was said in that moment need to much time to be achieved.
In six week Holliday have a plan to save his company thinking about the evolution of the crisis in the next one or two years.

The intention of this text is to describe how a real leader acts in times of crisis to save his company with the help of his employees and taking active decisions.

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