Ram Charan was born in India in 1939. He is a business consultant, and what we can call as “management guru”. Charan has worked for many well-known companies like General Electric, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, Dell…Not only has he wrote a lot of Business strategic books, but he is an excellent speaker. His latest book is “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainly".


In an excerpt of his book “Leadership in the era of economic uncertainly”, Ram Charan describes how DuPont CEO Chad Holliday answered the call for leadership in this time of crisis. After a meeting in Japan with another CEO, Holliday began to be worried about a potential global crisis. Serious problems have arrived to DuPont: reservations at DuPont Hotel in Wilmington were cancelled; the main buyer of DuPont paint: automobile industry was blocked. So Holliday defined this situation as “Corporate Crisis”, and started to work in it. In this sense, nine standing teams developed the tools to achieve DuPont’s viability. Employees had to be informed about it, so everyone had a meeting with a manager who explained DuPont’s objectives in the crisis. But Holliday thought that although people got it, they acted slower than it was necessary. In the other hand, DuPont had a three-person team working in goals and necessary actions at long term. DuPont react quite well up to the beginning of the crisis, and if they continue in this way, they are going to make it correctly. Finally, Holliday was the leader that a company in this kind of crisis needs.

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