“Ram Charan biography”

Our author, Ram Charan was born in India in 1939. He is one of the most important business consultant, speaker and author of many books as important as “What the CEO wants you to know” that talking about business and its world. During his life he has provided services to many companies like General Electric, KLM, Bank of America…

“Summary: Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty”

The text talks about how a real leader have to act when it is obviously that a crisis is coming… He is Chad Holliday, he was working as DuPont´s CEO when he realized that an important crisis was coming and that they have to do something to avoid the worst.

At first , the circustances which involve the reality did that Chad noticed that the crisis has overcomed the financial sector and all of them will be feel the crisis. The liquidity was notices in the company and its cash situation. So e met with the main leaders of the company to assess the size of the situation.

The situation was very bad, their earnings decreased and Chad, who show his capacity
and ability at all time, was sure that they have to do something. DuPont had to
executed some measures to do that this crisis did not be the end of he company, that
decisions were some like, emphasizes departments ineffective stood down, the
cancellation of meetings…

There was other problem, what about the employees? At first, Holliday launched
some ideas to say the situation in some words that the template understood… So, with
the help of some of the managers he tried to explain the ideas which showed
employees how to act… This measure linked with other more important like reduce
the number of outside contractors did that the situation wasn’t untenable.

Finally, Holliday with his group realized that the measures were ok but they have to
think in present but they have to do something with the future too. So some of the
executives started to work in the decisions to the feature effects of the crisis.

In conclusion, Chad Holliday is an authentic leader, because not too much people dare
to assume and face situations like a crisis which can cause the end of their

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