Ram Charan born in 1939 in Uttar Pradesh, India. He grew up working in a shoe shop, afterwards, he earned a degree in engineering from Banaras Hindu University and later studied at Harvard Business School, where he was awarded an MBA (1965) and a doctorate (1967).He is the coauthor of Execution and the author of What the CEO Wants You to Know and many other books. He is a business expert and also a workaholic, he had never been married and he has no children, his life is working. To see how important Mr Charan is in the business world we say that he has been working in companies such as GE, KLM, Bank of America, DuPont, Novartis, EMC, Dell and Verizon.


All the answers to the crisis were grim,what seems to be a crisis of confidence in Wall Street, has the potential to spread out to a global crisis as Western Europe, Russia, and most of Asia; but the CEO of Dupont reacted to the crisis in less than six weeks.

One of their ways of solving the economic crisis was looking at longer-term actions the company needed to take; but that take a lot of time. So the fastest way of solving it for Dupont was cutting back as much as possible on the over 20,000 outside contractor the company had hired.

This are two of the ways of solving it but there will be al lot more to do depending on the economy the next two years.

Even when the situation returns to normal Holliday predicts that the inflactionaty trends will renew themselves, but for that happening Dupont will be able to solve any incident without problems.

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