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Summary of "Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty"

This text tries to show us how a manager should answer to the call for leadership. This manager was Chad Holliday, CEO of Dupont.

He realizes, thanks to the information given by the CEO of the Japanese company, that the crisis is beginning to affect them, therefore, decided to get down to work. They summoned six top leaders in order to catch the situation of the company. And what he heard was not good: less legal activity, less books in Dupont’s Hotel, Dupont paint problems, etc.

DuPont decided to take action. Through the Corporate Crisis plan are invoked to senior management to implement control measures and assess the causes of the crisis. In four days nine directive teams had determined what needed to be done to ensure the company's viability. It was time to communicate to other employees the magnitude of the crisis and advise them for the solution, so they conducted a program of effective communications. They were asked mainly to reduce costs and conserve cash, and generally seemed to get it.

But much remains to be done, should take in consideration the short and long term too.

In less than six weeks took place the DuPont’s initial reaction to the spreading economic crisis, and the preparation for whatever can happens.

Holliday answered the call for leadership by accepting the change he saw coming and by taking decisive actions. He would be an example for another companies to how must a company react to a global crisis.

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